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What is Dental Tourism ?

This means you are travelling across international borders to obtain health care- be it a medical, dental or a cosmetic treatment.

Who wouldn’t agree that the perfect way to recover from an ailment is to combine quality treatment with a great vacation.

With the health care costs increasing rapidly in the developed countries, dental treatment especially has become a costly affair. Patients in developed nations are increasingly looking for treatment options in countries like India, which offer similar or even better dental services at rates that are much more affordable. Also, India is a great tourism destination with so much to see, experience and do that is truly a situation that allows patients to enjoy best of both worlds.

When cheaper quality alternatives of treatment are combined with an inexpensive vacation package, it becomes an ideal healing experience. It’s a perfect way to renew your mind, body and soul. 

The advantages of opting for dental treatment in India

India with its large pool of highly qualified, skilled dental professionals is a hub for a multitude of dental services. The quality dental services can be available at 1/10th of the cost of services in the western world.

Comfort level

English speaking doctors & paramedics are available. Translators for most languages are present in India and can help develop an understanding between the patient and the dentist.

Less waiting time

It is possible due to the availability of more number of qualified professionals. Travel agents or dentists themselves could fix prior appointments for the tourist prior to their trip resulting in less waiting time.

Improved sterilization techniques

The sterilization protocol followed in India is at par with the international standards and this results in carrying out all dental treatments in a microbe-free environment.

Lower Medication cost

The cost of medicines in India is less due to the strong pharmaceutical sector which is gaining world recognition due to no import duty.

Tourist interest

India has a 5000 years old civilization and has innumerable places of tourist interest across the length and breadth of the country. The rich and varied culture and geographical variation across India make it an interesting place to visit.

Kerala -God's Own Country
Destination for Health and Tourism

Kerala has over the past years emerged as a favourite destination not just for regular tourists, but also for those looking for affordable, yet reliable dental treatments. Dental tourism in Kerala, has witnessed exponential growth, with an increase in the number of international visitors, to the state, for dental treatment. Kerala is doubly blessed, for not only is it picturesque, but it has the right ingredients to lure tourists – hilly terrain replete with dense forests, exotic wildlife, stunning waterfalls, streams and backwaters, warm sunny beaches, expansive lakes, houseboats, coffee, tea and spice plantations, rich history and culture, lip-smacking cuisine and Ayurveda, and to top it all, a pleasant climate and a friendly local people.

However, that is just one aspect of Kerala that has given it the coveted title of God’s own country. The other and equally important fact is that Kerala is modern and developed, with excellent infrastructure and facilities. One among them is the world-class dental clinics that exist throughout the state. These dental clinics and hospitals have garnered a reputation for themselves. Elite Dental Studio, for instance, is an established dental clinic in Kochi, and Calicut in Kerala, offering dental tourism. It is known for its team of skilled, dedicated and highly professional staff. The clinic provides a host of dental treatments, ranging from dental cosmetic surgery to sophisticated laser dentistry and a whole gamut of specialised treatments. 


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One of our patient coordinators will send you an acknowledgement and within 24-48 hours come back to you with an indicative treatment plan along with tentative costings.

Step 3

Once you approve of the treatment plan and you have booked your tickets, our travel desk team will send across travel options keeping in mind your treatment duration and plan.

Step 4

On the day of your arrival,we will arrange a pick up from the airport or hotel (whatever you prefer) and you can take a backseat from thereon as all will be taken care of by us.

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